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Brain Source Localization Using EEG Signal Analysis

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Of the research areas devoted to biomedical sciences, the study of the brain remains a field that continually attracts interest due to the vast range of people afflicted with debilitating brain disorders and those interested in ameliorating its effects. To discover the roots of maladies and grasp the dynamics of brain functions, researchers and practitioners often turn to a process known as brain source localization, which assists in determining the source of electromagnetic signals from the brain. Aiming to promote both treatments and understanding of brain ailments, ranging from epilepsy and depression to schizophrenia and Parkinson’s disease, the authors of this book provide a comprehensive account of current developments in the use of neuroimaging techniques for brain analysis. Their book addresses a wide array of topics, including EEG forward and inverse problems, the application of classical MNE, LORETA, Bayesian based MSP, and its modified version, M-MSP. Within the ten chapters that comprise this book, clinicians, researchers, and field experts concerned with the state of brain source localization will find a store of information that can assist them in the quest to enhance the quality of life for people living with brain disorders.

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