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Upper Extremity Injuries in Young Athletes

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1st ed. 2019

This book includes the very latest information in the field, much of which is not in the existing literature, proceeding anatomically from the shoulder down and covering the diagnosis and management of conditions of bones, muscles, ligaments and nerves. Injuries of the shoulder, elbow, wrist, and hand are among the most common in young athletes, and pediatric orthopedic and sports medicine specialists are seeing these injuries of the upper extremity with increasing frequency. Skeletal immaturity and the unique physiology of children presents a unique set of injuries and challenges not seen in adult athletes. Shoulder injuries in the adolescent footballer, thrower and swimmer are discussed in detail, along with the pitcher's elbow and the wrist of the golfer, gymnast and tennis player. In addition to sports-specific injuries, carpal and common hand and nerve injuries, seen across multiple sports, are likewise described, as is the use of ultrasound in injury diagnosis. Chapter authors are all pediatric sub-specialists with extensive experience in this field.

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