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Applied Cranial-Cerebral Anatomy.

Brain Architecture and Anatomically Oriented Microneurosurgery

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This book is the first to offer a comprehensive guide to understanding the brain's architecture from a topographical viewpoint. Authored by a leading expert in surgical neuroanatomy, this practical text provides tri-dimensional understanding of the cerebral hemispheres, and the relationships between cerebral surfaces and the skull's outer surfaces through detailed brain dissections and actual clinical cases with operative photographs and correlative neuroimaging. For neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists and neurologists at all levels, this book emphasises the anatomy of the sulci and gyri of the cerebral surface. It is an essential resource for the general neurosurgery practice, and more particularly for planning surgical access routes for intracranial tumors.
Read more at http://www.cambridge.org/de/academic/subjects/medicine/neurology-and-clinical-neuroscience/applied-cranial-cerebral-anatomy-brain-architecture-and-anatomically-oriented-microneurosurgery#Oek2q5O3MmKZB7bm.99

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