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The Thumb

A Guide to Surgical Management

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In this book, globally renowned orthopedic, plastic, and hand surgeons provide the knowledge required in order to understand and resolve the full range of problems associated with diseases, anomalies, deformities, and trauma of the thumb. The opening section describes the history of “making a thumb” and covers the fundamentals of anatomy, embryology, and functional dynamics. After careful presentation of the surgical procedures for various developmental anomalies of the thumb, subsequent sections focus on the treatment of bone and joint, tendon, and nerve problems encountered in patients with different diseases and injuries. All aspects of the surgical management of benign and malignant tumors of the thumb are then described. The final section is devoted to current and emerging treatments for trauma, including amputation and microsurgical and non-microsurgical reconstruction. The text is supported by superb clinical photographs as well as high-quality schematic drawings and video clips. The book will be of value not only to practicing surgeons but also to residents and medical students.

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