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Oncologic and Cardiologic PET/CT-Diagnosis

An Interdisciplinary Atlas and Manual


Since 1999/2000 simultaneous imaging of anatomical features and metabolic activities using fused PET and CT images has complemented and in many cases even replaced what was originally done as separate analysis. – Is this a small revolution? – In fact, this new approach can be considered to be without a rival for imaging diagnosis. The complementary efforts of nuclear medicine physicians and radiologists have improved the diagnostic value of PET/CT scans. The successful use of PET/CT in the field of oncology has been documented world-wide, and in cardiology we can take advantage of the significant findings of PET diagnosis, particularly in the USA. New prospects are now available for paediatric oncology and molecular medicine.
Based on the experience gained by PET/CT experts with more than 10,000 patients, this manual impressively demonstrates the advantages of combined PET/CT. It also refers to publications from Europe, the USA and Asia as well as numerous studies.



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