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Case Studies in Medical Toxicology

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Case Studies in Clinical Toxicology covers a broad range of toxicological topics featuring case studies from the American College of Medical Toxicology (ACMT) case conference webinars. The format is all case-based and can be used as a reference for specific toxicological problems, as a review for those taking board exams, and as an education tool for medical problems pertaining to the case as well as referenced answers. Cases will be presented in categories including common toxicologic problems, rare presentations of common problems, common problems with controversial treatment or difficult diagnoses, and rare problems. Questions will be posed throughout the case presentation and will be extensively answered and referenced. Tips for specific specialties will be included with each case. The reader will develop a broad knowledge of a very comprehensive topic. This book will provide an authoritative, accessible resource for emergency medicine physicians, intensivists, toxicologists and primary care physicians.

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