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Surgery of Lateral Skull Base


This book is designed to help readers to acquire a full understanding of the basic concepts of lateral skull base surgery and to familiarize themselves with the different procedures and the latest advances in surgical treatment. The opening chapters discuss general aspects of decision making, describe the relevant microanatomy, and outline the operating room setup. The approaches and procedures used in surgery for cerebellopontine angle, jugular foramen, petroclival, external auditory canal, and facial nerve tumors are then described and illustrated. The particular challenges posed by skull base surgery are identified and attention is drawn to innovative solutions. Advice is also provided on rehabilitation, and the book closes by considering relevant emerging medical treatments. Despite the advances in skull base surgery over recent decades, young surgeons remain fearful of the complex temporal bone and neurovascular anatomy and the difficulty of access. Neurotologists will find this book to be a source of reliable guidance and an invaluable aid to the achievement of optimal outcomes in daily practice.



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