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Tuberculosis of the Central Nervous System

Pathogenesis, Imaging, and Management

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This book provides an in-depth review of central nervous system tuberculosis, with an emphasis on clinical, diagnostic, and therapeutic aspects. Tuberculosis, one of the most lethal diseases in human history, still poses a serious threat in the world alongside economic and social problems, although we’ve seen great progress in the fight against this infectious disease in the last century. This book covers the entire range of central nervous system tuberculosis, with chapters focusing on eight topics: general considerations, tuberculosis of the brain and its coverings, tuberculosis of the spine and its coverings, tuberculosis of the cranial and peripheral nerves, laboratory studies in neurotuberculosis, therapy of tuberculosis of the nervous system and its coverings, an overview of tuberculosis disease, and further insights into tuberculosis. Written and edited by leading international authorities in the field, this comprehensive reference book will be an ideal source for neurosurgeons, neurologists, and infectious disease specialists seeking both basic and more sophisticated information, as well as surgical procedures related to the complications associated with tuberculosis involving the spine, brain and peripheral nerves.


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