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Clinical Guide to Cardiovascular Disease

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This guide is an essential tool to aid the clinician in the efficient management of adult patients with disorders of the heart and blood vessels. The content is designed for use by all health professionals caring for persons with cardiovascular conditions, ranging from the most common, such as systemic arterial hypertension and atrial fibrillation, to the most rare conditions, such as Brugada Syndrome and atrial giant cell myocarditis. The pages are rich in information that will aid both cardiovascular specialists as well as primary care/family medicine physicians and nurse practitioners, whose practices are composed of up to 50% of patients with at least one form of cardiovascular disease.

In this book, the author has collated current diagnostic criteria for all primary adult cardiovascular disorders. The book assists as a point of care reference by combining established principles of disease management protocols with effective differential diagnosis algorithms.

Unlike traditional books, Clinical Guide to Cardiovascular Disease is specifically designed for rapid access to disease information, segregated into keyword data elements organized under 20 separate headings relevant to clinical care. In addition, external links to key articles, Guidelines, patient information, and supplemental and updated information are provided for every condition.

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