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Success in Academic Surgery

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2/E 2017

This second edition book reinforces the curriculum of the Association for Academic Surgery (AAS) courses and also provides guidance to individual surgeons who have not had the opportunity to attend these courses. Thus, this book is a valuable reference for medical students, surgical residents, and young surgical faculty. It gives an overview of the other titles of the Success in Academic Surgery Series, and will include additional chapters on global surgery, surgical QI and getting started in leadership.

While many of the topics are stable over time, health services research is increasingly popular with surgical trainees and faculty, and funding is very different than it was when the first edition published back in 2012.

This second edition is the core book in the AAS Fall Courses, which is currently given to every attendee, as well as being suggested for the international courses, which take place in Australasia, Colombia, France, Italy, West Africa, Germany, etc.

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