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Nurse Educator's Guide to Best Teaching Practice

A Case-Based Approach

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This book presents essential teaching skills and tools for nurse educators. It begins with a discussion of the trends in nursing education and the principles of teaching and learning. The book then explores topics such as classroom teaching, clinical experiences, teaching in the simulation laboratory, and online learning. Each chapter discusses the basics of teaching and learning in the specific environment, followed by scenarios that focus on the issues encountered by nursing faculty in these settings. The scenarios present the key issues under consideration, recommend actions that faculty members can institute to address the issues, and describe rationales and solutions based on best evidence. The book also includes specific tools designed to assist nurse educators in preparation for the teaching role, such as examples of course syllabi, program outcomes, clinical contracts, and action plans. Nurse Educator’s Guide to Best Teaching Practice is a valuable resource for novice and experienced educators in managing the challenges inherent in nursing education.

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