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Complications in Corneal Laser Surgery

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This book systematically assesses common complications that can occur in the clinical practice of corneal laser surgery. It provides practical tips to better diagnose and manage pre, intra and postoperative complications of laser corneal surgery. Throughout the book the spectrum of all currently performed refractive (PRK, LASIK, Femto-LASIK, RELEX-SMILE) and therapeutic (Photo Therapeutic Keratectomy, topography based keratectomy, Femto-/ Excimer-laser assisted keratoplasty) laser corneal techniques is presented by international experts in the field. It is well-structured to serve as a quick reference guide - including short paragraphs and bullet point-like presentations of key information.

Complications in Corneal Laser Surgery describes all aspects of complications, their prevention and their management, such as intraoperative flap cutting errors, decentration of optical zone, incorrect transfer of laser parameters and postoperative complications. In addition to informing readers of complications in corneal laser surgery, there is also a chapter dedicated to corneal topography and tomography to diagnose ectasia risk factors with the most updated tools. Refractive surgeons seeking to develop a better understanding of diagnosing and managing complications will find this book to be an indispensable resource for their day-to-day clinical work in the area of corneal laser surgery.

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