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Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Degenerative Brain Diseases

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The proposed book will act as a guide for scientists and clinicians to the unique information that MRS can provide. It will be a comprehensive overview of clinical and pre-clinical MRS applications and potential clinical utility of MRS biomarkers in degenerative brain diseases from leading experts in the field. MRS has proven to be a powerful complementary tool to MRI for the diagnosis and monitoring of disease progression and response to treatment because it can detect changes in cell density, cell type, and biochemical composition, not just structural changes. As the population in the developed world continues to age, neuroimaging for diagnosis, prognosis, and therapy monitoring of neurodegenerative diseases becomes increasingly important and there has been a recent surge of clinical and pre-clinical applications of MRS indicating that this technique can provide robust and non-invasive biomarkers of degeneration. ?

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