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Adherence in Dermatology

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An essential, comprehensive, and practical guide to understanding, measuring, and modifying patients’ adherence behavior to optimize treatment outcomes, this book covers all major aspects of adherence in dermatology. The first section describes current knowledge on the magnitude and impact of nonadherence; the second outlines measuring adherence in the context of databases, trials and practice. The third section addresses adherence in key skin diseases and the fourth covers numerous strategies to improve adherence by mitigating specific patient barriers. All sections emphasize ways to optimize communication with patients: the foundation for producing successful health behavior change.

Low adherence helps explain why, despite effective treatments existing for all major dermatologic conditions, many patients still fail to improve. When clinicians endeavour to maximize adherence, with the aid of evidence-based strategies, these drugs will often realise their potential. This book devotes special attention to understanding why individuals may be nonadherent, so that each patient can receive a suitable treatment regimen, with a personalized plan of action.

This book is designed for clinicians at all levels, serving as both introductory training for medical students and residents, and an update on the field for experienced practitioners. Researchers and policymakers will also benefit from its coverage of research methods and the impact of nonadherence in specific diseases. Adherence in Dermatology bridges the gap between outcomes researchers and clinicians by explaining the latest findings in plain language, with examples from everyday dermatologic practice.


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