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Spine Surgery

Tricks of the Trade / plus e-content online

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Print- und e-Ausgabe

3/E 2016

From deformities to spinal tumors, the text facilitates a greater understanding of surgical nuances and potential complications encountered in standard to complex cases.

Up to date and comprehensive

- Tricks of the trade uncovered from world-renowned master spine surgeons
- 40 videos with tips and demonstrations on how to deftly navigate challenging, real life cases on Thieme’s MediaCenter
- Highlights include up close and personal footage shot in the OR and cadaver simulations
- Experts share clinical pearls gleaned from years of surgical experience and ongoing refinement of techniques

- All the major procedures and newest technical innovations in the field
- More than 400 stunning full color illustrations, diagrams, and photographs replace black and white images from the previous edition
- Greatly expanded section on minimally invasive technologies covers AxiaLIF, Presacral Interbody Fusion, SI Joint Fusion, and the use of both Robotics and Endoscopy
- Updated pain management content encompasses varied strategies including injections, steroids, and nerve blocks

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