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Preterm Labor and Preterm Birth / Print + eReference

A Reference Textbook


This book is intended to be the definitive Reference Textbook on all aspects of spontaneous preterm labor leading to preterm birth (SPTB). Its scope is necessarily broad, with extensive coverage of the epidemiology, mechanisms, etiology, prediction, prevention and management of SPTB and up-to-date information on its physical, neurobehavioral and financial costs. Additional features include sections devoted to an evidence-based approach to SPTB and to future policy, funding, research and trials. Novel areas covered include the role of the genital tract micro biome and the management of SPTB at the limits of viability. The book closes by addressing ethical and medico legal aspects and examining the experiences of and support for families of babies born preterm. The authors are multinational and multidisciplinary experts in their fields who are excellently equipped to provide the necessary multifaceted approach to the prediction, prevention and management of SPTB. This Reference Textbook will be of value to specialist obstetricians, researchers, specialists in training, neonatologists, midwives, neonatal nurses, undergraduates and members of the general public seeking reliable information.



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