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Emergency Imaging

A Practical Guide


A practical guide to the radiology of trauma and emergency medicine

A practical introductory reference on the clinical radiology of trauma and acute diseases, Emergency Radiology: A Visual Guide helps readers acquire the image interpretation skills necessary to care for patients with emergent conditions. The book is organized by anatomic region, and each of the eight sections has an introduction that includes an analytical approach and checklist, anatomy, imaging techniques, and important differential diagnoses.

Key Features:
- More than 500 high-quality images
- Concise discussions of more than 230 important traumatic and emergent conditions
- A format optimized for self-study and review, with illustrations and explanatory text on facing pages
- Each section includes an approach, checklist, essential anatomy, study indications, imaging protocols, and differential diagnoses

Tailored to the needs of senior medical students, radiology and emergency medicine residents, and clinicians who care for emergency patients, this book is an indispensable practical reference.



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