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Obstetrics in Family Medicine

A Practical Guide

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2/E 2015

This book surveys the normal obstetrics encountered in primary care and serves as a practical guide to the evaluation and management of common prenatal, peripartum and postpartum complications. Thoroughly revised and updated, Obstetrics in Family Medicine, Second Edition, addresses the major issues and problems related to each stage and outlines management protocols. It provides critical information about physical and ultrasound examinations, laboratory tests, drug toxicities, and screening techniques and highlights new and emerging areas of obstetrical care, such as prenatal testing protocols, treatment options for HIV in pregnancy and antenatal monitoring. Key points for each topic are summarized in tabular form for quick reference and diagnostic flow charts illuminate all aspects of the decision-making process. Concise and clinically oriented, this book is designed to help primary and family medicine physicians improve the quality of women’s health care.


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