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Diagnosis, Non-Surgical Management, and Surgical Techniques


The most current and definitive source covering all aspects of spondylolisthesis and related conditions, this comprehensive text provides a complete analysis of this common yet intricate spine condition in both children and adults, including basic science, diagnosis, non-surgical management, surgical techniques (including minimally invasive options) and outcomes. The management of the various types of spondylolisthesis requires a thorough understanding of both fundamental principles and subtle nuances, which are highlighted here in three sections. Part I details the basic principles, diagnosis and non-surgical management of spondylolisthesis, including imaging and classification. Part II covers surgical management strategies and techniques, including step-by-step techniques and unique challenges of applying standard procedures to this disorder, from decompression and spinal fusion to minimally invasive TLIF. Part III discusses outcomes and complications from surgical treatment. Written and edited by top clinicians in the field, it will be an invaluable resource for orthopedic spine surgeons, neurosurgeons, rehabilitation physicians, and any caregiver who treats the spine.

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