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Brain Asymmetry and Neural Systems

Foundations in Clinical Neuroscience and Neuropsychology


Brain asymmetry has seldom been the primary underlying focus of books written within the neurosciences or in clinical neuropsychology. As such, this author finds no available text on brain asymmetry based on functional neural systems theory, which is foundational for the entire field. There remains a distinct need for a neuroscience book with a focus on the functional asymmetry of these two integrated and dynamic brains using historical and modern clinical and experimental research findings within the field.

This book provides evidence from multiple methodologies, including clinical lesion studies, brain stimulation, and modern imaging techniques. The references span across the history of neuroscience. However, the writings are strongly supported by recent references from within the field. This book has been used successfully in the author's doctoral level and advanced undergraduate level classes on neuroscience and neuropsychology.