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The Nose - Revision and Reconstruction

A Manual and Casebook

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Revision Surgery of the Nose: A Casebook for Problem-Solving offers practical guidelines in dealing with the many minor and major problems that arise in revision rhinoplasties. Fifty selected cases are presented in order to offer solutions in the areas of aesthetics, traumatology, malformations, tumors, dualism, and form and function. At the beginning of each case, a clinical problem, e.g., a residual hump, is presented. The author analyses the findings and the primary surgical concept used. Following this, he reviews the indication for revision surgery and explains the surgical concept for the revision procedure. Lastly, the final result is presented. Te book also aims to improve the reader's skills in preoperative analysis and planning so that typical mistakes can be avoided and the best possible results are achieved the first time. In this sense, the book follows the classic principle of learning from mistakes so that they will not be repeated. A casebook of this kind must also address issues relating to psychosomatic problems, psychology, dysmorphophobia, patient selection and contraindications, the timing of revision surgery, and specific processes in wound healing. The concepts of septorhinoplasty in various stages of life are also discussed, as they deal with general principles that are essential in any rhinoplasty but are particularly important in revision surgery. Another topic that is of major importance in revision surgery, but which is almost not covered in the literature, is polytrauma of the nose as suffered, e.g., by ice hockey players or boxers. Professor Behrbohm is a renowned expert in the treatment and revision of these injuries.

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