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Robotic Approaches to Colorectal Surgery

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This book examines the considerations, drawbacks, and advancements minimally invasive techniques have provided in the evaluation, management, and outcomes across a broad range of colorectal disease and procedures.

For some readers of this book, a minimally invasive approach to colorectal disease may add a new dimension to the management of these patients. For others, it is the opportunity to learn helpful tips, specifics about a certain procedure, or to fine-tune what has already become a routine part of their practice. Even if you have successfully overcome many of the technical challenges of minimally invasive surgery, the pre-operative evaluation, peri-operative decision-making, and management of post-operative complications can be demanding and consuming.

Wherever you may be on this spectrum, Minimally Invasive Approaches to Colon and Rectal Disease: Technique and Best Practices has something to offer. The underlying focus throughout the text is on providing pragmatic advice and reproducible techniques that can be readily implemented by surgeons of varying experience to successfully treat complex colorectal problems through minimally invasive methods.

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