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Cardiovascular Issues in Endocrinology


Most endocrine diseases, if not treated or controlled, have cardiovascular manifestations. Both GH deficiency and GH excess impair cardiovascular functions, e.g. in patients with acromegaly, who have a shortened life expectancy and increased mortality mostly due to cardiovascular complications in uncontrolled disease. Moreover, Cushing’s syndrome and diabetes are well known for metabolic and cardiovascular manifestations, as well as hypo- and hyperthyroidism. Both adipose tissue and the heart have been increasingly recognized as organs with partially endocrine functions, which produce adipokines and brain natriuretic peptide, respectively, and influence a number of cardiovascular parameters. Primary aldosteronism as a cause for secondary hypertension is still a great challenge to detect and diagnose properly; however, new important discoveries have been made regarding the genetics of this probably underestimated cause of hypertension.
Written by distinguished researchers in their respective fields, this book will give both researchers and clinicians an excellent update on all these topics, as well as provide insight into the use of hormones as treatment tools in more controversial areas.



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