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High Definition Body Sculpting

Art and Advanced Lipoplasty Techniques

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This unique book details advanced techniques in lipoplasty and autologous fat grafting for high-definition body sculpting. Clear step-by-step explanations of techniques are accompanied by numerous color illustrations and photographs. The first section includes chapters on surface and muscular anatomy, anesthesia, assessment, technologies for ultrasound-assisted lipoplasty, and postoperative care. High-definition sculpting of the male and female abdomen, trunk, back, chest, and upper and lower limbs is then described in detail, and clear instruction is provided on autologous fat grafting for contouring the buttocks, breasts, and pectoral areas. Postoperative care is also carefully considered. The book will provide a fascinating insight into the art and practice of high-definition body sculpting for all surgeons who perform lipoplasty and body contouring techniques. It will also serve as an ideal aid for all practitioners who are pursuing workshops and practical training in this exciting new area of aesthetic surgery.

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