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Orthopedic and Trauma Surgeons: CPD in Community Hospitals

A study of different educational needs and preferences

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Most patients with orthopedic or trauma conditions are treated by surgeons working in community hospitals (medium or small sized hospitals). Even though this group of surgeons provides care to the majority of patients worldwide, very little research has been done on their continued professional development (CPD) needs.

After questioning 50 surgeons from 10 countries, the results of the study revealed a new understanding about what kind of medical education can best serve this group.

Continued professional development for surgeons at community hospitals
* Culminating two years of study, this publication shares our discoveries on the learning gaps and preferences of community hospital surgeons
* It reveals the challenges these surgeons face when attempting to solve unique clinical problems and meet their medical education requirements, suggesting potential solutions
* It also provides essential reading for those who wish to assist these surgeons with patient care.

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