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Obesity, Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery

A Practical Guide


Obesity has reached an epidemic proportion worldwide over the last decade, affecting quality of life and premature death. Bariatric surgery is proven to be the only tool for sustained and effective weight-loss in such patients. The past decade has witnessed an explosion of various bariatric surgical procedures and for the clinicians and all paramedical staff involved in the care of the obese, keeping up-to-date is a tough and daunting task. Featuring the work of multiple international experts in 56 chapters, this book offers a concise summary in the field of Obesity and Bariatric Surgery, making it an ideal day-to-day reference guidebook. It addresses management of bariatric emergencies for the general surgeon as well as management of a bariatric surgical patient in a primary care setting. This book serves as a very readable, practical text for a wide range of medical and paramedical staff, from health professionals involved within a bariatric multidisciplinary team such as dieticians, metabolic physicians, anaesthesiologists, psychologists, radiologists and nursing staff, to general physicians, general practitioners and most importantly, the general surgeon who is not a bariatric surgeon.



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