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TIA as Acute Cerebrovascular Syndrome

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Transient ischemic attack (TIA) is well known to be a prodromal syndrome of ischemic stroke. However, TIA is easily neglected or underestimated by patients or even general physicians because the symptoms naturally disappear without treatment. Despite this, early after the onset of TIA the patients are at very high risk of stroke. As it is not possible to differentiate TIA from acute ischemic stroke (AIS) only by the duration of symptoms, both TIA and AIS should be recognized on the same spectrum of acute ischemic syndrome in the central nervous system. This book presents the new concept ‘acute cerebrovascular syndrome’ (ACVS), which includes both TIA in acute settings and AIS. The publication covers all topics of TIA in ACVS, which includes the definition, concept, etiology, epidemiology, symptomatology, risk scores, neuroimaging, neurosonology, acute management, primary and secondary prevention, and guidelines. Written by leading international experts in the field, the publication presents valuable and essential information for neurologists, general practitioners, neurosurgeons, radiologists, students, and nurses, in both clinical practice and research.

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