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Ultrasound Imaging in Reproductive Medicine

Advances in Infertility Work-Up, Treatment, and ART

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Can physicians, nurses, and ultrasonographers imagine infertility diagnosis and treatment and assisted reproductive technologies (ART) today without ultrasound? Ultrasound Imaging in Reproductive Medicine provides the most comprehensive know-how of modern imaging for all who are actively involved in ART and reproductive medicine. All that you wanted to know about the role of ultrasound - from the first time a woman comes to your clinic because of infertility to when she will conceive - is discussed in this book.

With a critical evaluation of its advantages, Ultrasound Imaging in Reproductive Medicine covers traditional and emerging imaging technologies, including three-dimensional (3D) ultrasound for evaluating ovarian reserve, uterine cavity and tubal patency assessment, and ovarian and endometrial response for treatment. 3D ultrasound to assess ovarian and endometrial volume and 3D automated monitoring of follicles are covered in detail with up-to-date references. Imaging techniques of the embryo and embryo transfer, pulsed color Doppler techniques, and MRI-guided ultrasound procedures for treatment of uterine fibroids are also presented. See better, do ART better.

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