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Accident and Emergency Radiology

A Survival Guide

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3/E 2014

This pocket book is written primarily for doctors with little or no experience in the accident and emergency department and who are faced with the problem of radiological interpretation when no other help is readily at hand. Step-by-step methods for the assessment of radiographs help to answer the question 'these look normal to me, but how can I be sure that I am not overlooking a subtle but important abnormality?' The book is liberally illustrated with high quality, well-annotated radiographs which assist the reader in the interpretation of abnormal/normal radiographic appearances. The focus is on common areas of injury with the emphasis being placed on the detection of those abnormalities that are most commonly overlooked or misinterpreted. Each chapter deals with the basic radiographs required, important anatomy, normal variants, a system for inspecting suggested views, types of injury and ends with a summary of key points.

Each chapter follows a consistent template.Helps the reader access key information rapidly and easily.

Common sources of error and diagnostic difficulty are highlighted. Will help ensure accuracy in reading and interpretation of any given image.

Pitfalls and associated abnormalities are emphasized throughout.Will prepare the unwary and help prevent mistakes.

Normal anatomy is outlined alongside schemes for detecting variants of the norm. Will help prevent many misdiagnoses.

Each chapter concludes with a summary of key points. Will provide a useful overview of the most important features in diagnosis and interpretation.

Radiographs accompanied by clear, explanatory line-drawings. Makes difficult anatomical concepts easier to grasp.

Additional of an exceptional illustrator to revise and create new line drawings.Explanatory line drawings help describe and explain assessment and interpretation.

Improvements in layout and design to make it as succinct and easy to follow as possible.Will assist in explaining the diagnostic process in accessible, easy steps.

Every chapter has value added features. Varies from additional information, new explanatory line drawings, improved radiological illustrations. Reinforces the book’s ethos of providing clear practical advice and a useful scheme that the non-expert can follow when making a diagnosis.


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