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Cancer Biomarkers in Body Fluids

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There is an obvious need for cancer biomarkers that can easily be measured and monitored in a noninvasive fashion using either nonspecific (circulation) or tissue-specific body fluids. The clinical application of body fluid markers, especially circulating protein targets in cancer management is not new. However, availability of modern sensitive technologies that have enabled the discovery of several 'omics' cancer biomarkers in body fluids is accelerating at an exponential rate. Of even much importance are cancers located in remote parts of the body that are not easily accessible - e.g., ovarian, lung, and pancreatic cancers. The need for coordinated validation of such biomarkers by industries, regulatory bodies, and academics for clinical translation is urgent. This book provides both an extensive coverage of the use of body fluid biomarkers for cancer-personalized medicine. It offers a critical, albeit easy to comprehend thesis of the numerous cancer targets assayed in body fluids, and also provides synopsis of commercially available products. The book is of relevance to Cancer Researchers, Oncologists, Clinicians, Surgeons, Medical Students, Nurses, Diagnostic Laboratories, and Pharmaceutical Industries.
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