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Bone Marrow MRI

A Pattern-Based Approach


MRI is the only imaging modality that directly visualizes bone marrow, a common site of hematologic malignancies and secondary deposits of solid primary neoplasms. Differential diagnosis of such entities from benign processes that may affect the bone marrow is very important for treatment decision making. This book aims to provide radiologists - both residents and specialists - with a thorough knowledge of MRI findings of various diseases of the bone marrow, especially those of a malignant nature. In order to achieve this goal, a pattern-based approach is used. First, normal bone marrow appearances are discussed with an emphasis on age-related changes and non-age-related variations. Next, MR patterns of bone marrow involvement are analyzed and the various pathologies discussed. An individual chapter is specifically devoted to common issues in differential diagnosis. Finally, imaging algorithms based on pattern recognition are provided. In addition to radiologists, clinicians (in particular oncologists and hematologists) will find this book to be an invaluable reference since it provides all the up-to-date knowledge necessary to make the most appropriate therapeutic decisions.



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