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Pediatric Cardiovascular Computed Tomography Angiography

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1st ed. 2016

To ensure that CT angiography (CTA) is appropriately utilized in pediatric patients and exams are performed with appropriate technique to generate ultra-low radiation dose exposure, it is crucial that the imager has strong working knowledge of CT physics and medical science, CTA technical principles and CTA clinical applications, balanced with sound understanding of pediatric cardiovascular anatomy, pathology and pathophysiology. This book will present readers with a single reference to obtain this foundation and reinforce previously obtained skills and knowledge. It will offer a practical review of CT physics and imaging science and also offer guidance on patient preparation, CT acquisition, radiation parameters, contrast use, data transmission and storage, visualization techniques, and interpretation for the wide spectrum of pediatric cardiovascular diseases which may be imaged with CTA. Chapters will offer tips and tricks to optimize technique and interpretation for CTA.

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