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Principles & Practice of Mechanical Ventilation


The definitive guide to the use of mechanical ventilation in critically ill patients - now in full color and updated to reflect the latest advances

Principles & Practice of Mechanical Ventilation, 3e provides comprehensive, authoritative coverage of all the clinical, pharmacological, and technical issues surrounding the use of mechanical ventilation.

Editor Martin J. Tobin - past editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Respiratory and Critical Care Medicine - has enlisted more than 100 authors, all of whom are at the forefront of research in their chosen subfield in order to provide the most authoritative and up-to-date information possible. No other text so thoroughly and comprehensively explores the myriad advances in modes and methodologies that have occurred in this ever-changing field as this cornerstone text.

Each chapter has been extensively revised to reflect the latest research
A strong focus on the biomedical principles that govern ventilator management
Expert insights from contributors in critical care, pulmonary medicine, anesthesiology, surgery, basic science, provide a unique multidisciplinary approach
68 chapters that explore every important aspect of mechanical ventilation, including:
Conventional and unconventional methods of ventilator support;
Noninvasive methods of ventilator support;
Unconventional methods of ventilator support;
Physiologic effect of mechanical ventilation;
Complications in ventilator supported patients;
Weaning of ventilator-support;
Management of the ventilator-supported patient;
Adjunctive therapy, including fluid management, inhaled antibiotic therapy, and bronchodilator therapy;
Ethics and economics

Principles & Practice of Mechanical Ventilation, 3e comprehensively covers the principles and practice of keeping patients alive through the use of mechanical ventilation, along with related pharmacological and technical issues.



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