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Muscle Energy Techniques / with Videos


Muscle Energy Techniques 4e sets out clear, practical and clinical guidelines for all students and practitioners wishing to use MET techniques as part of their patient management. Fully updated and now published in full colour throughout, this book has an accompanying website with video clips presenting the full array of modern METs in a variety of acute, chronic and rehabilitation settings.

Introduces new methodology and instructs in the scientific basis and correct application of existing METs
Explains the value of METs in the treatment of a variety of problems ranging from hypertonicity and muscle tightness to joint dysfunction and joint capsule adhesions
Provides precise assessment and diagnosis guidelines from a variety of perspectives including osteopathy, chiropractic, physical therapy, athletic training and massage therapy
Details the background to soft tissue dysfunction and explains the adaptive chain reactions that both produce and result from dysfunction
Gives many variations on the safe use of MET in acute, chronic and rehabilitation settings
Highly illustrated with full-colour line drawings and diagrams
Supplemented by a website which includes video clips of experienced practitioners demonstrating the techniques
Ideal for experienced practitioners as well as those taking undergraduate and postgraduate courses in manual therapy

Now published in full colour throughout
Presents the latest research findings underpinning the practice of MET methodology from differing areas of practice
Presents the increasingly refined ways of using the variety of MET methods to allow the reader to safely apply them in a variety of settings
Video clips on an associated website presents practical examples of the METs explored in the book
Contains a new chapter on the history of MET to provide useful insights from pioneers of the method
New chapters by orthopaedic surgeons discuss the relevance of MET in the rehabilitative setting
Contains a completely new chapter on the relevance of MET to massage therapy as well as expanded sections on its value in chiropractic, sports injury and physiotherapy
Contains an increased emphasis on pulsed MET and isotonic eccentric stretching



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