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Cancer and Aging

From Bench to Clinics

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Cancer is clearly an age-related disease. Recent research in both aging and cancer has demonstrated the complex interaction between the two phenomena. This affects a wide spectrum of research and practice, anywhere from basic research to health care organization.
Core examples of these close associations are addressed in this book. Starting with basic research, the first chapters cover cancer development, mTOR inhibition, senescent cells altering the tumor microenvironment, and immune senescence affecting cancer vaccine response. Taking into account the multidisciplinarity of geriatric oncology, several chapters focus on geriatric and oncologic aspects in patient assessment, treatment options, nursing and exercise programs. The book is rounded off by a discussion on the impact of the metabolic syndrome illustrating the interactions between comorbidity and cancer and a chapter on frailty.
This book provides the reader with insights that will hopefully foster his or her reflection in their own research and practice to further the development of this most exciting field. Given the aging of the population worldwide and the high prevalence of cancer, it is essential reading not only for oncologists and geriatricians but for all health practitioners.

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