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Hearing Aids

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2/E 2012

Comprehensive resource about hearing aids - how to prescribe, select, fit, measure, and evaluate hearing aids.

Coverage of a major change in open fittings due to the wide availability of effective feedback cancellation and thin-tube canal fittings for many patients
Practical tips, tables, and procedures designed to be pinned on the walls of clinics
Synopses, key paragraphs, and detailed materials help readers easily progress from basic to highly sophisticated concepts
Each cross-referenced chapter builds on the previous chapters
Innovative research results and procedures give readers an important professional edge
Each chapter has a one-page synopsis that captures the key concepts of each topic
The material that students most need is contained in marked paragraphs that flow after each other to form a coherent thin book inside the larger book
Intervening additional paragraphs add satisfying depth

A new chapter on directional microphones and the growing range of digital signal processing strategies

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