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The Essential Neurosurgery Companion

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A small, portable, and affordable handbook providing answers to questions that arise in the natural progression of neurosurgery training and practice, that are either difficult to find in larger manuals or are concepts and bits of pragmatic information you always wanted to know but sometimes were afraid to ask; presented in a highly efficient question-and-answer format

- Contains over 5,000 individual questions with corresponding answers and lots of visual examples
- Covers all aspects of neurosurgery from how to apply to a residency program and get through the interview process, to what to do when on call and during rounds, to how to examine a patient, to a review of key fundamentals and clinical concepts in neurosurgery.
- Distills significant amounts of information into one practical handbook
- Has a logical progression of difficulty, from basic concepts to advanced surgical management
- Divided into two sections; 1. Fundamentals, and 2. Clinical Knowledge


Die Wirbelsäule

Drei Fächer. Ein Fokus. Die Wirbelsäule.

Interdisziplinäres Wissen aus Neurochirurgie, Orthopädie und Unfallchirurgie – jetzt aktuell und kompakt in einer Zeitschrift!

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