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Current Concepts in Uveal Melanoma


Uveal melanoma is an aggressive form of cancer that can involve the iris, the ciliary body, and/or the choroid, which is the main location of this tumor. Patients often wish to be informed about treatment choices and the results of different approaches. Important current clinical questions are whether a biopsy should be taken of choroidal melanomas, what should be done with this biopsy, and whether high-risk patients should be screened regularly. This volume describes the clinical characteristics of uveal melanoma along with the different current techniques available for treatment, such as radioactive plaque treatment, proton beam therapy, and local tumor resection. Furthermore, techniques for taking biopsies and characterizing biopsy material are demonstrated. Future therapies such as anti-VEGF treatment and options for the treatment of metastases are also discussed. Residents with an interest in ocular oncology, ophthalmologists or physicians dealing with uveal melanoma, as well as patients wishing to know more about this malignancy will find a topical update on uveal melanoma in this publication.



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