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High-Dimensional Data Analysis in Oncology / Softcover

Applied Bioinformatics and Biostatistics in Cancer Research


With the advent of high-throughput technologies, various types of high-dimensional data have been generated in recent years for the understanding of biological processes, especially processes that relate to disease occurrence or management of cancer. Motivated by these important applications in cancer research, there has been a dramatic growth in the development of statistical methodology in the analysis of high-dimensional data, particularly related to
regression model selection, estimation and prediction.

High-Dimensional Data Analysis in Oncology, edited by Xiaochun Li and Ronghui Xu, is a collective effort to showcase statistical innovations for meeting the challenges and opportunities uniquely presented by the analytical needs of high-dimensional data in cancer research, particularly in genomics and proteomics. All the chapters included in this volume contain interesting case studies to demonstrate the analysis methodology.

High-Dimensional Data Analysis in Oncology is an invaluable reference for
researchers, statisticians, bioinformaticians, graduate students and data analysts working in the fields of cancer research.



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