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Imaging of Acute Appendicitis in Adults and Children

Medical Radiology / Diagnostic Imaging

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Imaging is increasingly used in patients suspected of having acute appendicitis in order to reduce the rates of perforation and negative appendectomy and to detect alternative diagnoses. As many of these patients are young, radiation dose is of particular concern. Numerous studies have therefore investigated reduction of the radiation dose delivered by CT and whether ultrasound may be a preferable option, depending on age and gender. It is also recognized that MRI can be invaluable in certain patients, such as pregnant women, though it is difficult to use in emergency settings.

This book is a comprehensive account of imaging of acute appendicitis and other appendiceal diseases. Background information is first provided on clinical presentation, perforation and negative appendectomy rates, and treatment options. The role of each imaging modality is then considered separately in adults and children with suspected acute appendicitis. Many high-quality illustrations are included, and detailed information is provided on appropriate protocols and radiation saving. Further chapters addresses the spontaneously resolving and chronic appendicitis as well as other appendiceal lesions, and review the findings of evidence-based medicine and cost-effectiveness analyses. Emergency physicians, pediatricians, surgeons, and radiologists will all find this book to be an excellent source of information and guidance.


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