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Advances in Radiation Oncology in Lung Cancer

Medical Radiology/ Radiation Oncology

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2/E 2011

This is the second, completely updated edition of a comprehensive book in which many of the world s leading lung cancer specialists discuss the recent advances in the radiation oncology of lung cancer and reflect on the latest research findings. The first three sections cover the basic science of lung cancer, clinical investigations, including histology and staging, and a wide range of fundamental treatment considerations. Current treatment strategies for small cell and non-small cell lung cancer are then explained and evaluated in detail, with due attention to novel approaches that promise further improvements in outcome. The various types of treatment-related toxicity are discussed, and quality of life studies and prognostic factors are also considered. After evaluating the latest technological and biological advances, including IMRT, IMAT, cyber knife treatment, and tomotherapy, the book concludes by thorough consideration of specific aspects of clinical research in lung cancer.



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