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Variant Haemoglobins

A Guide to Identification

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Variant Haemoglobins - A Guide to Identification is based on the premise that any single diagnostic technique offers only a very provisional identification of a variant haemoglobin. In routine diagnostic practice two techniques are needed as a minimum, with the results being interpreted in the light of the clinical details, blood count, blood film and ethnic origin. This book covers 150 normal and variant haemoglobins that have been studied and carefully documented.
The atlas section comprises 170 full colour pages in which each variant haemoglobin or combination of haemoglobins is illustrated by cellulose acetate electrophoresis at alkaline pH, agarose gel electrophoresis at acid pH, isoelectric focusing and one or more HPLC traces. For ease of reference, the atlas pages are arranged according to the retention time of each haemoglobin on HPLC, this becoming increasingly the primary technique employed in haemoglobin identification.

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