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Resilience in Aging

Concepts, Research, and Outcomes


Resilience in Aging Concepts, Research, and Outcomes Barbara Resnick, Karen A. Roberto, and Lisa P. Gwyther, editors While medical advances are prolonging the lives of countless older adults, longevity can come at a steep price, such as chronic pain, fatigue, depression, or cognitive decline. To meet this widespread challenge, resilience - the ability to meet and recover from setbacks - has emerged as a promising clinical strategy toward successful aging. The only book devoted solely to the importance and development of resilience in elders’ quality of life, Resilience in Aging offers evidence-based theory, clinical guidelines, case examples, and real-world interventions so professional readers can make the best use of this powerful tool, whether one’s clients are in the office or in long-term care, in need of physical or psychological support, 'worried well' or seriously ill.



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