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Autoimmune (IgG4-Associated) Pancreatitis and Cholangitis

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The disease manifestations of IgG4-associated systemic disease (ISD) in individual organs mimic other well known diseases and can be a challenge to distinguish. The inclusion of the various disease manifestations in a diagnostic algorithm has allowed us to enhance diagnostic accuracy, guide patient care, and improve patient outcomes. Autoimmune (IgG4-Associated) Pancreatitis and Cholangitis reviews the breadth of clinical, imaging, histological, laboratory, and imaging features associated with ISD, especially AIP and IAC. Each diagnostic criterion is employed in a manner that optimizes diagnostic accuracy, management, and clinical outcomes of patients with ISD. The differences and similarities in approach to initial evaluation, management, and follow-up among expert centers from around the world that lead in the care of these disorders is also examined. The book is written by experts in their fields and each chapter will include a review of existing data as well as the most up to date scientific information and emerging data. Each author will also address areas of uncertainty and controversy and briefly highlight clinical and research needs relative to their respective topic. This book will serve as a useful resource for physicians dealing with, and interested in, these complex disease processes.

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