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Handbook on the Neuropsychology of Epilepsy


Epilepsy is a prevalent condition affecting approximately 1% of the general population. Its behavioral effects on cognition and memory can be as debilitating as the physical aspects caused by ongoing seizures. This book is intended primarily for clinical neuropsychologists who encounter patients with epilepsy, either through employment in academic medical centers or in general practice. The book is of particular value to those working in a comprehensive epilepsy center, as the volume provides extensive coverage of the many clinical procedures performed in that setting. Procedures reviewed in this volume include neuropsychological testing, the Wada procedures, and brain mapping. Chapters include descriptions of the purpose of these procedures, reviews of the recent literature, clinical vignettes, in addition to concrete recommendations on how to actually conduct the procedures. Many chapters provide examples of test forms and stimuli useful for conducting some of the procedures reviewed in this book. Neurologists and pediatricians will also find this book to be helpful, as many medical practitioners consider the activities of clinical neuropsychologists working in their settings to be somewhat mysterious. This book makes the details of neuropsychological practice in an epilepsy setting more accessible than what has been present in prior literature.



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