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Integrative Pediatric Oncology


This book covers a broad spectrum of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) practices as part of an integrative pediatric oncology employed worldwide, with a special focus on those methods commonly used in the so-called Western countries. It is a scientifically based, practice-oriented handbook that will meet the needs of pediatric oncologists working in medical practices and hospitals.

An introductory section offers a comparative overview of contemporary CAM use in pediatric oncology in different countries and also considers such topics as salutogenic approaches, physician attitudes towards CAM, and epistemological issues around integrative medicine. Commonly used CAM methods are then discussed in a series of individual chapters that provide a theoretical description of the method in question, followed by more practically oriented information, including scientific data if applicable. Special attention is devoted to the question of how to integrate each method into conventional pediatric oncology. The next part of the book discusses aspects of CAM requiring further cultivation, such as institutional research, education and training, and information delivery to parents and children. The book closes with a road map on establishing integrative pediatric oncology worldwide that includes details of existing integrative initiatives in pediatric oncology units.



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