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Cellular Structure of the Human Cerebral Cortex


Originally published in German and French, the work is considered to be unsurpassed in both its scientific eloquence and accurate photographic documentation. Revising Brodmanns cortical parcellation system, von Economo took cytoarchitectonics to a new zenith.The revised edition contains newly compiled tables with extensive quantitative data on the 107 cytoarchitectonic areas of Economo and Koskinas, plus all the transition areas and full reproductions of the original microphotographs. It also contains the concluding chapter that appeared only in the 1929 English edition, with Economos later views on cytoarchitectonic neuropathology and evolutionary neuroscience, enriched with material and figures from his later studies. Last but not least a newly discovered manuscript by Georg N. Koskinas, appears in English for the first time. In it, Economos collaborator presents an insightful analysis of the General Part of their larger textbook of cytoarchitectonics.




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