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Chest X-Ray in Clinical Practice


Chest X-Ray in Clinical Practice brings a deeper understanding of chest x-rays to the forefront, enabling doctors to make confident and accurate diagnoses across a range of medical situations. The principles and practice of acquisition of the chest X-ray are discussed, raising awareness of technical factors that may limit the extent of interpretation, to ensure that doctors-in-training take every precaution in avoiding the common ‘pitfalls’ of misinterpretation.

The chest radiograph is a very commonly requested examination and it is probably the hardest plain film to interpret correctly. Accurate interpretation can greatly influence patient management in the acute setting. It is, however, often performed out of hours with interpretation undertaken by relatively junior members of staff, frequently with no senior radiological advice available.

Chest X-Ray in Clinical Practice concentrates on conditions commonly diagnosed in an acute setting, with special attention drawn to those areas of the image that are often overlooked. Whilst the main focus is upon the plain film, the increasing use of CT is recognised.

Providing content in a user friendly, logical structure and layout, this book gives the reader a reliable framework for chest x-ray interpretation. With 130 high quality annotated digital images, which assist reader to recognise common and important abnormalities, Chest X-Ray in Clinical Practice also provides key learning points in each chapter, consolidating the reader’s understanding, and consequently acting as a quick reference tool for all junior doctors.



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