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fMRI Techniques and Protocols

Neuromethods, Vol. 41

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As fMRI technology has provided invaluable insights into the mechanisms through which the human brain works in healthy individuals and in patients with different neurological and psychiatric conditions, the study of brain function and even the monitoring of the effects of treatment have become more effective and efficient. In fMRI Techniques and Protocols, an international assemblage of renowned scientists and physicians provide the background needed to plan and design new studies in order to advance our knowledge of the physiology of the normal human brain and its change following tissue injury. With sections focusing on basic principles of fMRI, its application to measure brain function, clinical applications, and glimpses into the future of fMRI development, the volume condenses this ample, varied field into one user-friendly compendium of information and techniques.

Comprehensive and cutting-edge, fMRI Techniques and Protocols is an ideal guide for all those who wish to continue expanding this dynamic and ever-growing field of research.

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