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Clinical PET-CT in Radiology

Integrated Imaging in Oncology

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This book distinguishes itself from the competition because it is specifically designed to meet the needs of practicing radiologists. In keeping with the background of its readers, the text approaches PET-CT as a true combined modality. Chapters are written by radiologists who appreciate and understand both PET and CT, rather than by academic nuclear medicine specialists who segment the subject by focusing on one modality without consideration for the other.

The emphasis on an integrated understanding of PET-CT as a combined modality is reflected throughout the book, especially in discussions of physics, scanning protocols, and image interpretation. Incorporated into this sensible approach is a regard for how to effectively apply PET-CT in patient management. Radiologists will learn proven methods for providing medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists with the information they need. In accordance with the classification scheme generally applied by oncologists and surgeons, clinical chapters are organized along classic divisions of diseases rather than by purely anatomic divisions. Clinical topics include PET-CT of thoracic malignancies, melanoma, and breast cancer. Fundamental concepts, such as the role of imaging diagnosis in disease management, are reinforced in each clinical chapter and reflect the book’s continuity.

With its practical, unified approach to PET-CT, this comprehensive book is an unparalleled resource for practicing radiologists and residents. Logical organization and a wealth of illustrations supplement the text’s user-friendly appeal.


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